COMMON QUESTIONS about buying farm fresh beef

This is my first time ordering beef in bulk. how does this work?

Our beef is only processed if an order has been placed for it. This allows us to guarantee the freshest quality for our clients. Therefore, we require a non-refundable deposit of approximately 30% of your final price to be paid at the time of ordering. 

Once your deposit is received, we contact you by email with an ordering form to customize your cuts and packaging, as well as a tentative date for processing. 

After your beef is sent to butcher, we then contact you with your final balance and schedule your date for delivery.

For more detailed information on buying our farm fresh beef, check out our Buyer's Guide


what does PAStURE-Grazed, grain-finished mean?

All of our beef are bred and raised on our farm. Which means they are able to graze on our pastures from their very first day.

The best calves are then selected and fed a combination diet of grass and grain (equivalent to a high protein diet) for the last 100 days prior to butchering. 

This grain-finishing process allows the marbling that creates a flavor-filled cut of beef. 


when will my order be ready?

Our beef is butchered once a year and is only sent for processing if an order has been placed for it. This allows us to guarantee the freshest quality for our clients. 

Typically, our beef is sent for processing in the winter months and is ready within two weeks once delivered to the butcher. The week the beef is ready, we notify our clients of their final balance and schedule a date for delivery.  


how much does it cost?

Our beef is available in a quarter, half or whole beef orders. Our quarter beef and half beef orders are $7.00 per lb, and our whole beef orders are $6.75 per lb. All pricing includes processing, packaging and delivery within a 30 mile radius of Pierce Century Farm. 

By buying in bulk, clients are typically able to purchase enough beef to feed their household for one year. To calculate the proper amount for your family, see our Buyer's Guide


can i customize my cuts and packaging?

All orders of half or whole beef are custom ordered according to your specifications.

Quarter orders, however, must be processed alongside another quarter; therefore, all quarter orders are processed and packaged according to our standard order specifications. 


how much freezer space will i need?

This depends on the type of freezer you have and how you pack it, but we recommend one cubic foot of freezer space for every 30-35 lbs. of packaged meat. 

For a quarter order, we suggest a freezer with at least 3-4 cubic feet of space; for a half beef, we suggest a freezer with at least 7 cubic feet of space.